Wally meets Mozart picture book for kids

Book for children about music and getting lost

Wally meets Mozart is part of the Wallymeets... educational book series.For our bilingual kids books click here.

In this kids book, Wally meets Mozart, Wally learns that music brings people together. Wally meets Mozart is a picture book for preschool children. When Wally hears a beautiful sound coming from above the water, he curiously follows the sound of the music, further and further from home. wally discovers who makes this beautiful music, it is Mozart himself, playing the violin. When Wally wants to go home he can't see his house, Wally is lost and afraid. How does wally get home? Read it in Wally meets Mozart. Wally's unexpected solution guarantees for smiling children and parents alike.

Wally meets Mozart is an uplifting kids story for children between 2 and 6 years old and introduces classical music and the violin to children. The moral of this sweet story is that music brings people together. Wally meets Mozart kids book is available in two formats: paper back and digital format. Get a book preview here!

Wally meets Mozart is 30 pages of pleasure with full color drawings and is available as electronic book or short e-book. To further educate parents and children, the wally meets... e-books have additional information about Mozart, music and some Mozartian music pieces .

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