Dual language books for blind kids

Wallymeets dual language kids book publishing in braille and English

Wallymeets is creating its first Wally dual language kids book for blind children. The publication of this book is scheduled end of 2014. Wallymeets meets closly follows the structure set by the Daisy consortium. The DAISY Consortium is an international association that develops, maintains and promotes international DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) Standards. The Consortium is constituted as a not-for-profit association under Swiss law and is governed by Articles of Association.

Using the latest software and audio recording equipment we are able to create and publish dual language books for children simultaneously!

We are using the following software that has been made available through open source. Many thanks for those who worked on the provision of this open software.


Tobi v1.0 is an authoring environment geared towards re-purposing published material, for example: to add audio narration to a text-only document, to synchronize a podcast with a structured script, or to review and improve an existing Digital Talking Book publication. To create text from scratch, we recommend popular editors such as Microsoft Word or Open-Office, which can both produce DTBook markup thanks to their respective Save as DAISY add-ins.

AMIS stands for Adaptive Multimedia Information System.

AMIS is a software program that you can use to read DAISY books. It is self-voicing, meaning that no specialized screen-reading software is needed in order for it to be used by visually impaired people.

Types of DAISY books supported: * DAISY 2.02 * DAISY/NISO 2005 * Multivolume (DAISY 2.02) * Full text + full audio * Audio + NCX * Text-only

Save as DAISY add-in for open office

Wallymeets uses this software to generate a fully conforming DAISY file set with full navigation and full text synchronized with audio. The audio is generated by the default text-to-speech (TTS) engine on your Windows computer.