The history of Kids Books

How books changed into audio books and online kids books

What is a book?

A book is a set of written or drawn sheets of tablets of wood or stone, papyrus, tablets and of course paper. It is actually very simple to make a book. Just put your drawings together and you have a book!

Books have been made for thousands of years in all different formats, stone books, clay tablets books, papyrus and paper books and now the electronic book or e-books.

First in the form of clay tablets, the Sumerian clay tablets and , date back 6000 years. Some people consider them to be the earliest form of the book. the clay tablets were heavy, couple of pounds, and required many man-hours to make.

a lighter format, the papyrus, is paper like material made from the stem of the papyrus plant, invented approximately 4500 years ago. the papyrus book was much lighter and easier to write on.

Paper originates from china, the earliest known pieces date back 2100 years. paper was lighter had a better surface to write on. In the western culture paper arrived much later only 1200 years ago.

E-books are 30 years old, although recently they have become common. E-books in itself weigh nothing, only the laptop screen. Kids books and books for children got much lighter and more accessible over the centuries and people once laughed at the idea of reading from a screen. For many readers, though, convenience trumps everything else .