Kids books and Morality

Why books for children are so old fashioned

Books for children are relatively new and terrible old fashioned, still today a kids book with a moral is considered better than a kids book without. Why do we have to tell morals to our children? Is it because we are so immoral that we feel comfortable giving children moral advise. Morality can only exits in the face of immorality, the way good can only exist as an antitheses of bad. Morality is popular again, and kids books are returning to more moralistic and religious topics. I hope children will find virtue in reading wallymeets stories for kids and I hope they are not that moralistic.

Early children books were focused on teaching, especially on the nature around us. In the 7th century, that is 1300 years ago, Venerable Bede wrote the first children book explaining natural science, and in the 11th century, that is 900 years ago, the first encyclopedia for children by written Anselm. This book for children was again mainly on nature.

Much later in the 16 century, only 400 years ago, the first children book on morals was published. This book tells children what to do and not to do. I'm not sure children today would like that book very much.