Wallymeets dual language Children's Book Publisher


Wallymeets produces dual language picture books, bilingual e-books, audio books, and animations for children between 3 to 5 years old. All kids books are dual language and each bilingual kids book comes with two FREE audio books to help children and their parents learning a second language.

In 2008 Isgar Bos set up his own publishing company – Wallymeets – dedicated to language learning. His first dual language book on the list was Wally meets Picasso.

The Wallymeets press list now includes 3 titles in English and one of the following second languages: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Dutch and German. Our first Braille edition in under construction.

Wallymeets works in close collaboration with educational experts and wants to help parents and children to playfully learn a second language. Language learning through dual language picture books in combination with talking books is a very efficient and economic way to teach a child a second language.

Isgar Bos

Isgar Bos, born in Amsterdam 1972, started writing and publishing children books to rediscover timeless exploration and step out of the fast life where one can easily become blind to the many small marvels of existence. Isgar’s travels, as an airport designer and avid sailor, have enabled him to understand that while children around the world may have superficial differences, they are all united by curiosity and wonder. Isgar created Wally, a very young whale, to share positive and innocent awe about the world with children everywhere.


Hello kids! My name is Isgar and like to tell you my story how I started to write dual language books for you, children.

As an airport engineer I was working all over the world. About 10 years ago, somewhere in West Africa I saw this terrible horror movie and it scared the heck out of me. I needed something to comfort myself and so I started drawing and writing about something innocent, sweet, exploring and curious. There was this cute baby whale on the page looking back at me, I decided I better find out what the whale has to say, so I kept painting and writing- and listening, resulting in my first story wally travels.

Later I stumbled into a class on writing children books and painting picture books while living in New York and I felt I was on to something. I realized that my journey is Wally's journey and that the endless depth of the ocean with all its invisible life is a wonderful playground for stories for kids about Wally. So I wrote a second dual language story Wally gets tail covers.

In the city of dreams, Los Angeles I decided to make my dream a reality: I quit my job and returned to my home town Amsterdam to set sail on a 2000 mile sailing journey across the Atlantic. It was the feeling of freedom I had never experienced before, that made me decide to start writing full time dual language books for children in a way that is helpful for them and their parents.

That was just the beginning. I wanted to give something to parents and children and children with disabilities. A book is great but I wanted all children to be able to get introduced to a second language and I wanted children with poor visibility to enjoy books as well. I organized a team of professionals around me who liked the idea of contributing something to the society. Now all our kids dual language books will be available as an audio book or talking book. And because I am an art and music lover I wanted to bring back those sometimes forgotten incredible masters such as Mozart and Picasso. In our gift shop page store you can get Wally T-shirts!