Language learning books for children

How bilingual books help children language learning

Bilingual picture books for children are the most efficient and economic way to teach your child a second language!

You loose no time: a child wants to be read to, so why not using a bilingual book. You child cannot read, well but children can hear, use the audio book to listen together. Children are far more skilled in distinguishing between tones and pick up even that complicated word immediately.

Your child will not speak that foreign language, however your kids brain is opened to different language structures. Language and writing skills develop in a very early stage of a kids development. Children who are not introduced to language at all before the age of five, will never be able to speak well and write well.

Wallymeets picture books for children focuses on teaching toddlers and children multi languages. A group of native speakers from around the world dedicate time to translate and edit wally meets kids books. You are invited to participate in this project, enhancing kids opportunities in life.

Please contact us at if you like to participate. We are currently looking for native Italian and Dutch speakers who like to record a new Wally story with us.


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