Meet Wally the whale

The world's most educated whale

Little whale Wally or short Wally, first saw the light in 2001. Wally is a sweet, impatient, curious and exploring little whale who is small for a whale but big for a fish. His friends and teachers are all much smaller than he is. Still, new unknown animals, although much smaller than him, can frighten Wally, and then Wally needs comforting by his mum or dad. Impatient Wally finds himself lost, or in dangerous situations, but is always saved by his parents and friends.

Wally is a four years old baby whale who shares children's challenges when growing up, such as going to school, "Wally goes to school" , homesickness, "Wally travels", and encounters with dangerous sea animals,"Wally meets mr. octo". Wally is a little clumsy in "Wally gets tail covers" , but extremely sweet and cares for other sea animals. Together with his friends Wally plays in the ocean and discovers the advantage of teamwork when "Wally plays soccer". Interested and gifted in meeting the finest musicians, "Wally meets Mozart" , and painters, "Wally meets Picasso" , open-minded wally is exploring his creative skills .

Read a dual language Wally book and enjoy the life of a young whale.