Wally stuffed animal for kids and blind child

Give your baby a Wally everybody loves Wally

wally animal

Wally stuffed animal for kids, babies and blind children. Wallymeets wants to make Wally more visible for blind kids. So we designed a Wally stuffed animal. Together with the audio books, or talking books for kids wally can come alive for those who have an extra hardship. To make the Wallymeets talking books assessable to everyone, our Wallymeets audio books for kids are priced 1.98!

We are rolling out a program for blind children that we hope to share with you soon. Together we hope to create a world of Wally, that is even visible for visually impaired children.

Wally stuffed animals are extremely popular and we are currently sold out. Next week new Wally stuffed animals will be available. Wally stuffed animal is made in Spain and the people who make Wally have fun making Wally.

Only E 11.99 Buy Wally Stuffed Animal here!

Wally stuffed animal is based on the Wallymeets books for kids. Wally has a great size: approximately 30 centimeter (12 inches)and very soft. Wally huggables are for children from 1 to 6 years old.

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