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March 2011 newsletter

Wallymeets has opened its first online Wally gift shop.

Jan 2011 newsletter

Happy 2011!

Dec 2010 newsletter

Our first official newsletter, introducing our latest book Wally goes to school.

wallyteam news

Thank you for your enthusiasm, awesome help and support for Wally in 2010!2010 is the year that Wally became a reality, and without you it would not have been possible, thank you! More than 30 people world wide actively help me creating Wally books. In 2010 we published together 7 wally books in 5 languages, we recorded 9 audio books, created a wally tune and a wally stuffed animal! This is amazing! Bookstores love Wally books and Wally books are for sale in 25 books stores in Barcelona alone. This is an unthinkable success story and we will continue to grow in 2011 with new Wally books, books for blind kids and kids language learning books. I look forward growing Wally with you in 2011! Isgar

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