Kids books Wally plays soccer

Wally learns to be a team player, a great story for kids

In this dual language children book Wally plays soccer, Wally discovers team playing is really cool!

Wally plays football is a new kids book production of Wallymeets. Wally is the best keeper you can imagine. Wally stops all the balls because he is almost as big as the goal! Wally decides to play with the big sea animals, and Wally learns that stopping balls isn´t that easy when the goal is much bigger. Wally doesn´t stop a single ball. How can Wally stop the ball? Learn it in Wally plays football. Wally plays soccer is a picture book for children from 3 to 6 years old.

An UK version is available, Wally plays football. For more information please click here.

Click with your mouse on the bottom right hand corner of the image to turn the page, just like a real book.


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