Dual language kids books and picture books for kids

Dual language books, dual language e-books and audio books for children

book covers Wallymeets dual language kids books, produces dual language picture books, dual language e-books, audio books, and animations for children. The kids books are dual language and each dual language kids book comes with two FREE audio books* to help children and their parents learning a second language. Dual language picture books for children are the most efficient and economic way to teach your child a second language! More about language learning for children here.

Meet Wally, Wally is an exploring little whale that meets legendary people and stumbles into unexpected situations.

Wallymeets... books and Wally books for kids are available in many languages check in our Wallymeets bookstore if your language is available.

Wallymeets wants every child to enjoy Wally the baby whale and playfully learn a second language, including blind children. Wallymeets will publish all new dual language kids books simultaneously in English and braille starting in 2014. Please read more about our dual language book production for blind children here.

Wallymeets... created a Wally stuffed animal to make Wally more familiar with Wally and Wally dual language books for kids.

Wallymeets... launched two book series, both are picture books, and both are dual language books:

Currently we have four kids books available. Click on the picture book covers to read about the stories for kids.

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wally images

wally images


wally kids books

* FREE audio books, GRATIS audio libros aqui, for kids are available online only, and need to be downloaded using the FREE audio book code on the first page of your kids book more information here. Only our dual language books for kids have a FREE audiobook code.

wally in german wally in spain wally in catalan

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