Wallymeets produces dual-language picture books, bilingual e-books, audiobooks, and animations for children between 3 to 5 years old. All kid’s books are dual language and each bilingual kids book comes with two audiobooks to help children and their parents learning a second language.

Meet Wally the whale,  the world’s most educated whale.

Wally or short Wally, first saw the light in 2001. Wally is a sweet, impatient, curious, and exploring little whale who is small for a whale but big for a fish. His friends and teachers are all much smaller than he is. Still, new unknown animals, although much smaller than him, can frighten Wally, and then Wally needs comforting by his mum or dad. Impatient Wally finds himself lost, or in dangerous situations, but is always saved by his parents and friends.

Wallymeets dual language kids books press

In 2008 Isgar Bos set up his own publishing company – Wallymeets – dedicated to language learning. His first dual language book on the list was Wally meets Picasso.

The Wallymeets press list now includes 3 titles in English and one of the following second languages: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Dutch and German and our first Braille edition in under construction.

Wallymeets works in close collaboration with educational experts and wants to help parents and children to playfully learn a second language. Language learning through dual language picture books in combination with talking books is a very efficient and economic way to teach a child a second language.



Isgar Bos, born in Amsterdam 1972, started writing and publishing children’s books to rediscover timeless exploration and step out of the fast life where one can easily become blind to the many small marvels of existence. Isgar’s travels, as an airport designer and avid sailor, have enabled him to understand that while children around the world may have superficial differences, they are all united by curiosity and wonder. Isgar created Wally, a very young whale, to share positive and innocent awe about the world with children everywhere.


Authors bio

Authors Bio Isgar Bos has written three books for children, “Wally meets Picasso”, “Wally meets Mozart”, and “Wally goes to school”, and he is the finalist in the South West Writers Competition.  Isgar has created the community of Wally which works on bilingual, and audiobooks, and clean ocean activities. Isgar Bos is an avid sailor …

Wally books

Wallymeets… picture books are a successful creation by Isgar Bos. The idea is simple: wally a baby whale meets legends that have been forgotten in modern times. Although we still enjoy the creations of these magnificent creators, their personality is lost. Through his picture books Isgar Bos wants to reintroduce those forgotten legends to children …

Wallymeets Catalog 2011

The Wallymeets Catalog 2011 is out with new books and future titles. Wallymeets produces bilingual picture books, bilingual e-books, audio books, and animations for children between 3 to 5 years old. All kids books are bilingual and each bilingual kids book comes with two FREE audio books to help children and their parents learning a …