Authors bio

Authors Bio

Isgar Bos has written three books for children, “Wally meets Picasso”, “Wally meets Mozart”, and “Wally goes to school”, and he is the finalist in the South West Writers Competition.  Isgar has created the community of Wally which works on bilingual, and audiobooks, and clean ocean activities.

Isgar Bos is an avid sailor and engineer by training and trade. He has worked as an airport designer all over the world for more than a decade. Some years ago Isgar quit his job and set sail with two other sailors on a 2000 mile sailing journey across the Atlantic. It was the feeling of freedom he had never experienced before, which made him decide to start on a venue that he never dared to do: writing books for children in a way that is helpful for them and their parents.

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14 September 2010 Press release

New book by Isgar Bos, Wally Goes to School

Wally Goes To School is coming to the book stores on September 15th. What is remarkable is that this book comes in a dual language format only. Asking Isgar why he chooses to only publish bilingual books from now on he replied that the world is getting smaller and that dual language skills will be the norm rather than the exception.

I am a huge fan of the wally meets and wally books and I have no doubts this will be another successful children’s picture book. The book is also available as an audio book,  online book and an animation of the book has been created as well. It is a novelty to bring out a new book in all these formats, which reflects Isgar’s capabilities to capture the future.

Wally goes to school is directed to the young reader and shares the fears and fantasy world of little kids. Wally, a baby whale is afraid to go to school, it is his first day. Although he is an enormous fish he imaged being teased by his school teacher miss Goldfish and his future classmates.

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