Kids books on e-readers

Introduction to the state of e-books readers and future possibilities

An e-book reader, or e-reader, is an electronic device specifically designed to display e-books. An e-book reader has a similar size and weight as a pocket book and provides a similar feel to the eyes.

An e-book, is an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a personal computer, e-book reader, and hand-held device such as a cell phone.

For e-readers special software required, some e-readers have their own software, however the electronic publication (epub) format is becoming the standard.

The merit of electronic children books are discussed in an interview with Tom Huntington owner of Learning Goals Institute here, and with Donovan Oakleaf teacher at the LA unified school district here.

E-book reader screen versus computer screen

A computer screen is back-lit and continuously consume power in order to hold an image. an e-book reader is different: power is only needed to change the image. So the e-book reader is much more environmentally friendly. the e-book reader uses ambient light so even in sunny day you can read as if you were reading a book. E-book reader technology is new and just like the television at this moment only black and white e-book readers are available, in next year we will see the first color e-book readers

e-book reader manufacturers:

E ink is a supplier of electronic paper display (epd), based in cambridge, ma.

E ink does not directly supply e-readers, but they they team up with: neolux, midori mark, and motion display.

neolux is a manufacturer of electro luminescent (el) displays and pop products based in korea.

Midori mark is a developer and manufacturer of (el) displays, touch panels, and membrane switches.

motion display, of Sweden, is a manufacturer of electronic paper display.

Polymer vision, supplier of the Readius, advertises a roll-able display enabled by plastic electronics and e-ink front plan. based in Netherlands.

Liquavista, is hoping to bring to market the first color e-book in 2011. so we have to wait at least one more year before children can enjoy wally on a color e-book.

Irex based in the Netherlands provides three e-book readers with a screen size varing from 8.1 to 10.2-inch electronic paper display.

Apple e-reader called iPad has a 9.7-inch, high-resolution LED-backlit IPS display.

You can read wallymeets kids books on e-books.