Wally kids books

Wally dual language kids books for children and parents

Wally kids books are dedicated to kids and parents learning a second language. Studies have shown that children are able to pick up language from a very young age. The brain of young toddlers is like a sponge, and they can absorb much more information than we parents can do. Just read to your kids a bilingual book, it will help them in their later life. It is the cheapest and most efficient education!

Wallymeets therefore recommend to read bilingual books to your child. Children at a young age are even able to connect whole words to an object. For example the word "book" and the object book. Children don't need to speak a language before being able to read.

Wallymeets bilingual kids books include audiobooks so that parents who are not familiar with the pronunciation of the wording can listen. You will be surprised that your little one is faster to pronounce the word correctly than you do. Make it game, play who can pronounce best. You can record yourself and compare recordings.

We hope that Wally books really help children and their parents to develop better language skills.

The Wallymeets team.

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