Wally meets Picasso picture book for kids

Kids book about Art and Perception

Wally meets Picasso is a kids book and is part of the Wallymeets... educational book series. For our bilingual kids books click here. In this picture book for children Wally learns that people don't always see you the way you are. Wally meets Picasso is a kids book for toddlers and introduces sometimes forgotten masters to young children.

Wally and his mama swim to Picasso's paint store to buy new paint for Wally. Wally asks Picasso to make a painting of him. When Wally sees the drawing he is shocked, "THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ME AT ALL".

Wally meets Picasso kids book is an uplifting story for children between 2 and 6 years old and deals with imagination, perception and dreaming. Get a book preview here!

Wally meets Picasso kids book has 30 pages with full color drawings and is available as paperback book for children and as electronic book for kids or e-book for kids. To further educate parents and children, the Wallymeets... e-books for kids have additional information about Picasso, painting and painting exercises .

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