How Kids books can be great for self learning

books for children and creativity
books for children and creativity

Kids books, are a great way to foster kids curiosity and introduce self learning. Books nowadays don’t have to be made out of paper. Kids books can be digital,  interactive, bilingual and have options to record yourself.  Self learning through recording yourself is a great way to stimulate a kids development.  The problem with our society is that we put children to school where we teach them what is right and wrong, killing the kids creativity. See here Ken Robinson ideas about school, speaking at the TED conference.

The great thing about books is that the child gets to choose what topic it wants to discover. Good books for children have no moral statements but are neutral, allowing children to discover their own set of ideas.  Good teaching books help children in self learning via the way information is provided in the book.

And this doesn’t have to be expensive. In my conversations with Mara Balestrini I learned that even with our current mobile phones we can create cheap multi media information that is useful for children and self learning.

Todays writers just create content, which can be put into many different media formats each with its own advantages to foster a kids development and creativity.

Wally meets is working on digital books with a gaming and recording opportunities, to enhance the kids self learning capabilities. Already available are our bilingual books which all include free audio books to learn the pronunciation of words.

We invite you to participate in this design process and tell us what you feel is important in new media books.