5 reasons why picture books are better for a child’s development

Today’s young parents want their child to read chapter books instead of picture books thinking that this enhances the child’s reading skills. Reading a textbook is no better than reading picture books at this young age. Five reasons why you want your child to read a picture book:

children books picture books bilingual booksYour child wants to read a picture book! Forcing your child to read a chapter book affects your child’s development, because you put unhealthy pressure on the child. Every child develops a skill of determining what it wants and you just crushed it.

Quality picture books develop cognitive skills much better than chapter books do, because the drawings and text together create a story.  Cognitive skills are: perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning, I think the skills you want your child to develop!

Picture books can use more complex words without the child loosing interest and failing to understand, because the images tell the story as well. Chapter books use common words and therefor don’t extent the vocabulary of your child.

Picture books allow introducing complicated concepts, for example the concept of perception in Wally meets Picasso,  whereas chapter books have a simple concept so that the child can understand the story.

Picture books develop a child’s creative skills as the story is told in little words.

If you want successful and happy children that know what they want with well developed skills in the area of perception, memory, judgment, reasoning and creativity, than have your child read the picture book they want.